Sunday, April 21, 2013

I'm Back!

Someday, dogs will have opposeable thumbs, I know it. 

I've been helpin' my momma a lot. 

I keep an eye on the ducks for her, even though they quack a lot at me. 

Momma, they won't hurt me, will they? 

Here I am, bringing the truck in with my daddy! 

And here I am tonight, havin' a drink with my big brother Ranger! 

He has trouble gettin' up and down, and momma brings his water to him sometimes. 


  1. dontcha just love goin for rides with your daddy, maggie always gets to go to circle b with him!!
    that is so nice that your momma brings water for ranger!
    stella rose

  2. It's sweet of Ranger to share his water.