Thursday, April 4, 2013

We're Pooped OUT

My momma has been working hard all morning, and I've been helping. 

Yep, we're out in the garden again. 

We kept going back and forth with the gardening stuff. 

Finally, we took a break for a minute so momma could sit down by the chicken yard.  I was lookin' for those funny ducks, but they were hiding from me. 

Uh oh... BUSTED.  I found something out in the yard to eat, and I had already had my green beans for lunch.  I'm trying to look inconspicuous here, because momma caught me and told me to stop. 

Who, ME?????


  1. Oh abby those are great pictures of you, and we can tell you are working very hard on your farm!! And it looks warm and sunny!!!
    we love that last pic of you!
    stella rose and mags

  2. uh oh, busted. Stay on that diet Abby, you'll be slim and trim in no time.