Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thursday Comments

My momma has been lettin' our babies out into the pasture a lot, lately. 

They even got to do chores with her last night, and go in the henyards. 

I didn't get to, because she knows I'll chase these guys: 

And I would, too! 

Momma also said it's too muddy, and my belly would get muddy dragging in it. 

I keep trying to get my daddy to stay home every day with my momma, Lilly, Ranger and me.  
It's not working.  

Monday, June 17, 2013


My furriends and my human friends, 
Benny the French bulldog, 
at Benny and Lilly, here 
needs our help. 

Benny has been diagnosed with cancer

He has made me laugh many times, with the things he and the beautiful Lilly do. 

Let's all help him now, please... so he can go on posting in Blogville for all of us! 

There is a button thingy on his blog... can you press it and help him, please? 

I'm Still Here!

I'm still here.  My daddy went with my grandpa on a fishin' trip, and my momma was here with her grandson and his friend last week, so they were very, very busy working at our farm. 

It was hot, so Lilly, Ranger and I stayed in, mostly. 

I did get to go out sometimes, but it was just so hot for little puggies. 

My babies are gettin' big... Kody always wants to go out in the pasture and play, and Kaycee is almost finished with his bottles. 

Somethin' sure smelled good in this corner.  Momma needs to cut the grass in the babie's yard, but it rained hard this morning. 

I know my sister Lilly is ALWAYS protectin' us... it makes us all feel better. 

But when it's hot out, I RULE the couch! 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My Goats

I'm still grounded from the chicken yard, because I got to go in, but chased the three little chicks last night. 
I looked sad and gave puppy dog eyes to my momma, but she means business this time. 

So, I went to see the goats. 

These guys are getting' bigger than me!  That's Kody's ear in the camera, he was trying to climb on momma. 

I'm doin' a good job, momma, can I have some milk, too? 

Let's go out in the pasture and play! 

Saturday, June 1, 2013


Grounded and in Big Trouble. 

I don't know, I look pretty innocent here. 

But I was really lookin' for those little roosters.  The Five Little Guys, my momma calls them. 
I found 'em and I chased 'em.  Even through the mud. 

Now where'd they go????

Boy, did my momma tell me to 

I did. 
I'm still grounded from the chicken yard tomorrow. 

Farm Stuff

It's been rainin' a lot at our house lately

I've been spendin' a lot of time like this. 

My momma says I'm slackin' off. 

Now where ARE those chickens? 

Hmmmm. Somethin' down here tastes GOOD! 

I took my babies for their walkies several times, until it got so wet momma didn't want us out in it. 

Aren't they gettin' big? 

I'm just a hard-workin' farm dog! 

Momma's cuttin' our wet pasture tomorrow, and I'll take the babies for their walk again, and we'll take pictures. We're gettin' ANOTHER little baby next week, and then my herd will be complete!