Saturday, April 6, 2013

Workin' in the Henyards

Today, we filled the duck's pond again.  Momma is only filling it every three days, instead of every day, since they have a smaller bowl to drink out of that momma keeps clean for them. 

The chickens drink out of this pond, too. 

There they are.  They still won't let me get near them. 

They get that water really dirty! 

I was watching carefully from the steps.  Momma gets scared when I go up on the deck, because there is no railing, and she is afraid for me to fall. 
Daddy is going to put a railing here. 

I thought I'd go in through the pophole and see what the guys inside were doing.  Momma has the door propped open because it got so hot this afternoon. 

Then I played in the water for a while, but momma realized I was really, really hot, and she took me in the house where it was a lot cooler. I was glad! 

We gots a new little peeps here! 


  1. I like the little peeps Abby. They are very cutes.
    I think it would be fun to dig in that mud hole and get all dirty and gooey. But your momma knows best- and she took you in the house so you don't get hot. My mommy would do that too.
    Be sure to show me the rail your daddy builds, so you don't fall off the deck.

  2. Poor Abby, I see how hot you look.