Sunday, April 7, 2013

Helpin' My Daddy

I love the weekends, because I get to help my daddy a lot. 

You are NOT leavn' without me today, Daddy! 

Wanna see what me and Daddy are buildin? 

We are puttin' a front wall on the barn, and fixin' the roof, so some little furriends can come to live with us here. 

Daddy has the front framed in, with two windows at the sides, and a dutch door framed in the middle. 

Look what we gots!  Baby Peeps! 

Momma says I can't see them for a while, because their momma Nugget has to keep them warm and safe.  

That's it for a tired little puggy at Calamity Acres. 


  1. hahaha, you are doing a good job holdin' him down!

  2. Thank goodness you are there to help your parents with all that work Abby, I don't think they would be able to finish it without you!!
    stella rose

  3. Abby
    you are such a big helper