Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Friends Jester and Shiner

My momma missed a day for my blog... she was so busy and so tired. 
I'm sorry for my momma, she has been workin' so hard takin' care of everyone here. 

These guys are my furriends, they're my momma's grand-dogs.  That's Shiner on the left, and Jester on the right.  Jester has been out to our house, and he's super fun to play with, because he can jump as high as the counters and he never stops. 

Shiner doesn't get to go too many places in the car, because he is so big and he drools all over everything. 

I have a crush on him, though. 

Isn't he dreamy? 

I'm sittin' on your feet, Daddy, until you take me to see Shiner! 


  1. He looks so happy in that picture Abby! I love his juicy looking self!

  2. Shiner looks like a FURiend you can count on. That is the best kind.
    Love Noodles

  3. shiner is adorable abby i can see why you love him, he has a beautiful drooly kind of smile, its nice to have friends over!!
    stella rose