Friday, April 12, 2013

My Friday

 I am very happy today, because 
little Gus, our new furriend and the little brother for 
Stella Rose and the Magster, is better! 

I know his sisters were scared to death, and his momma was so worried... so YAYYY for little Gus! 

And we are sending prayers too for Dutch, who is Pug's big brother, since he got so sick this week, too. 

We don't want anyone to be sick. 

I was keeping these girls in line while momma was gettin' their waterer filled. 
They didn't dare to come past me! 

Then I got a little drink before momma took it back in! 


  1. I think it was a good day to be happy too since little Gus is better. But it also looked like a fun day at your house with the chickys.

  2. Oh Abby thanks for posting about little gus, you have a heart of gold!!!
    stella rose