Monday, April 29, 2013

Up and At Them, Pug Style!

I've been doing a LOT to help my momma with the chores. 

Here I am getting ready to go in and tell those chickens to "GET OUT HERE IN THE SUN!" for my momma. 

Sometimes chickens can be very slow. 

Then I gave the stink eye to the five little punks  I mean roosters that I like to chase.  Momma was watching me, so I didn't run them this time. 

Pretty soon, we came in to the house, where it was cooler, and I had a good cold drink of water with Ranger before we rested for a while.  

Pugs are good resters! 


  1. Abby
    I think your beautiful when you rest, and I think your very brave to be out there with the chickys-- gee they could peck your nose!