Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I Went to See Dr. Tom

This afternoon, my daddy took me to see Dr. Tom.  Momma was worried about my eyes, and my nails needed a pedicure, and momma can't hold me up and keep me still, so I always go with daddy. 

We can't take pictures at the vet's office when daddy goes with me, because he doesn't have any extra hands like momma does. 

Here I am getting out when I got home: 

Guess what?  I lost a pound and a third!  YAYYYYY! 
My momma was very happy, and so was Dr. Tom, because he had warned daddy I was TOO BIG. 
Everything is okay with me, but my orbs are getting dry.  My sister Hannah had dry orbs, too, and now my momma has to start putting drops in them three times a day, and I have to go see Dr. Tom again in two weeks. 

Here I am on duty in the henyard.  I was looking for those funny things that momma brought here yesterday

If you look close, you can see them there, in the dark! 

I don't know what they are yet, but they make funny noises!  I like to chase them, and momma says I will be grounded if I keep doing that! 

Here I am when we were finished, you can see my toes look so nice, and I am surveying everything to make sure things are right in our yard.  
My orbs can see, they are just getting a little too dry... but momma put drops in, and they feel good now! 

My momma says we are going to work on the D.I.E.T. .  Does anyone know what that means? 


  1. I see your nice toe nails. They look so good!
    I know about diets because my moms are wayyyy
    to careful about feeding me too much.
    But I get green beans and brokoli added to my food so I am happy.
    Did you find what you were looking for in that pen?

  2. Oh yea Abby, very familiar with that particular 4 LETTER WORD. I also call it Die-it cause sometimes that's how it makes me feel.

    Congrats on the weight loss, as I am also very very familiar with being overweight for my height, I can tell you that the slightest weight loss makes a huge difference in the way I feel.

    Keep up the good work! And tell Momma and Daddy, I know you are not being cruel to you, but it's for your very best that they do keep you on that diet.

    Love U

  3. Just found your blog Abby and I love it!
    Charlie the Pug and his human