Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I Finally Got my Blog!

Abby Lynn here. 

I help my mama with her chickens on our little farm.  My mama told me a long time ago that my little sister Gertie and I were going to have our own blog, but then Gertie went to the Rainbow Bridge. 

Now mama says it's time for me to have my own blog, and tell you about everything going on with me here on the farm. 

It isn't really a farm, you know, my mama just calls it that.  

I'm so short that it SEEMS like a farm to me, and I smell all kinds of strange things... so I know some wild things have come around at night while I'm sleeping safe with mama and daddy. 

Here I am sharing a drink with my big brother, Ranger.  He has trouble standing up sometimes, so he cries to let mama know he's thirsty, then he and I get to have a drink together. 

Here's my big sister, Lilly, laying in MY bed by mama's desk.  
If she wants to lay there, she can, because she's the Protector of All of Us here at the farm. 

I don't mess with her. 

And these guys don't mess with ME! 

Pug on Duty! 


  1. Yay Abby we are so glad you have your own blog now...we just posted on your mommas page and it didn't even show the comment we have had lots of troubles on blogger today! Come visit us...you are a cutie and so brave to help protect the farm!!
    Maggie thinks she is a guard dog also cos she is always growling and barking at things ONLY she can see!
    Your friends
    stella rose and maggie

  2. I'm glad to see you got your blog Abby. Those big sisters can be kinda tuff on little girl's and guy's sometimes. hehehe, I know cause I was the big sis!

  3. I am so happy to see more of you and your family on your farm. What an exciting life you have!
    I say WELCOME to you!

  4. oh I forgot- here is a hug and kiss for Ranger too.