Friday, March 22, 2013

Winter is Back

My momma and I are mad. 

Now someone called "The Weatherman" is telling us that we are gonna have more winter tomorrow and Sunday. 

I can't go down in the pasture, my momma says the wolves are going to be very hungry again. 

This is a wolf. 

(coyote) (in our pasture) (eating leftovers) (long story) 

My momma says they would eat me, so I'm gonna behave and not go in the pasture right now. 

We did chores this afternoon, but it wasn't too cold out yet. 

Here I was, a half hour ago... I was chasing mice in the old henhouse, but I heard my sister Lilly barking outside, and knew she needed help. 

Momma thought it was a wolf at the bottom of the pasture, so she wouldn't let Lilly go in there either. 

Here I am in the new henhouse... I'm givin' the stink eye to the little rooster... he was doing something to a hen just then, and momma told me to make him stop.  I did. 

Then we came back in and I waited for momma to make our dinner. 

Won't you all say a prayer tonight for our furriend Stella Rose, and for her momma and daddy, for Maggie Moo and for Mean Ole' Cat Dietzman, because Stella is still sick, and they are very worried about her. 
Get well, my sister! 

1 comment:

  1. I hope your friends are better now.

    No Lilly does not need to confront that sharp toothy wolf.