Monday, March 25, 2013

My Daddy

My friend Tweedles said last night that I was a brave little pug. 

She said she wouldn't go out in the snow. 

Sometimes, I have to, because I have to help my mama with the chickens.  

It was just too cold today, so mama let me go out with my brother and sister, and we "did our business", which is what mama says we do when we go pee pee outside... and then we came back in. 

Then mama said I had to stay in most of the day, because the wolf would be very hungry and might try to get me. 

So here's where I landed, and here's where I'm stayin'. 

My daddy won't let a wolf hurt his little girl! 


  1. Thank goodness your daddy is keeping you safe from the wolf!
    Oh gosh- so many wild animals in your world- but your daddy will protect you.

  2. Abby, that is such a sweet picture of you and Daddy. No worries in the world when you are right there.