Saturday, March 30, 2013

Saturday Stuff

I missed a post last night because my thumbs... my momma's thumbs, were very, very tired, because momma has not been feeling very well all week.  I've been tryin' to help her and help my sister, too. 

This is Lilly... she is listening for a mouse or a mole.  She does this all the time. 

She's teachin' me how to do it! 

I'm watchin' her close! 

See?  I made my own hole!

My momma told me that my furriend Stella Rose is feeling much better, and we are so happy to hear that! 
Happy Easter, Everyone!  


  1. I hope your momma is better soon. Its sad when mommies are sick.
    Your hole is a very nice hole along with Lily.
    Her hole is a nice hole too.
    I am glad our friend Stella is better too.

  2. Hope momma feels better now.

    Good work Abby!