Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I didn't get to wear anything green today, but I did get to go on pasture patrol with Lilly again. 

We are checking out the brush pile here. 

I know something is living in here, but I don't know what it is. 

It's a long way back up to the top of the pasture! 

You can see I'm protecting everyone here... I saw something next door that even got my ruff on my back to stand up!  I like to be up on this mountain where I can see everything! 

My momma saved me last night... I went out side to potty at 10, and I saw something I had to protect my momma from.  Even Lilly stayed away from it and went right back in the house.  Momma told me "Don't move!" and ran back in the house to get a flashlight. 
When she came out, I was still guarding the animal. 

Momma didn't get a picture of it, but this is what it looked like: 

Only he was in the horseyard, and his tail was standing straight up. 

Momma told me to COME ON after she made sure the little guy left.  
She told me never, ever to go near this little guy, that I would be very sorry. 
Lilly already knew about him... that's why she went inside first. 
I guess if momma says to leave him alone, I'd better!  

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  1. Oh my, I'm so glad that striped kitty did not feel the need to get to know you better!