Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First Day of Spring!

Happy, Happy, Happy 
First Day of Spring! 
How come it's so cold here? 

30 degrees at 1 PM!  

You see we are working in the vegetable garden again.  Momma says we'll go back to the flower beds next week. 

I wasn't lookin' at anything, I was scratchin' my side on that wood, and boy, did it feel GOOD. 

Some of the stuff in these beds smelled good. 
Those are NOT my footprints in the bed I was smellin', they are LILLY's, and yes, I am a tattletale. 

The wind was blowing and it got a little cold, so after I checked on the chickens, I asked momma if I could go back in and get warm, and she said yes. 

Here's my daddy lovin' on me before he went to work today.  I was in a trance, because he was rubbin' my tummy JUST like I like it! 
Sorry I got puggy hair all over your good shirt, daddy  

(HE DOESN"T MIND, he's my daddy and he loves me) 


  1. We can tell that he very much loves you Abby!

  2. Oh we see the love all around you are so lucky and they are so blessed. Mom said to go to Lindy's Treats online, maybe you will win our contest though and we will send some out to you.
    stella rose and mags

  3. Happy Spring Abby.
    I love your garden space-- so much love grows there.