Sunday, May 12, 2013

We had to Take a Break

We had to go away for a while.  A boy who used to live here with us had to go be with God now, where my little sister Gertie went, and where my older sister Hannah went.  
I don't understand, but my parents were very, very sorry and sad for the last week. 

My momma says we have to get back on a routine so that things are better, and I agree.  I liked seeing Chris, my friend (momma's grandson) while he was here watching us, but I'm glad my momma and daddy are home now. 

You see I am taking good care of my little friends, Kaycee and Kody. 

We investigate stuff together. 

My momma says I am their Aunt Abby.  She is trying to get a picture when they stand on me... but she said she is laughing so hard when they do it, that she can't take the picture.  The things I have to do for my pawrents! 

My momma says we have missed reading everyone's stories this past week, and we will get around to everyone in the next few days. 


  1. I am so glad abby you are making your momma says Pugs are Gods blessings to our parents when life is to heavy!
    those little goat babies are so sweet, and cos they are named after my moms girls she likes them even better.
    please give your momma a big big hug from our momma...we sure wish we could stop by and have a cup of coffee.
    stella rose

  2. I know your mommy and daddy have been really sad. You can cheer them up with all your love Abby.