Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Takin' Care of My Babies

Takin' care of our babies is an important job. 

Today I checked out their little barn to make sure nothin' bad was in it. 

'Cause we let them loose in the pasture to play. 

I saw something and ran to check it out...

(barked 3 minutes at the waving grass....momma) 

These guys follow me EVERYWHERE.  They even smell my behind like they think they are DOGS! 

Pretty soon I got hot, and I went to sit with my brother on the porch. 

C'mon, momma, it's time to go in! 

We also read today that a nice pug named Coco has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  We are sorry for his pawrents and his family, and all his friends.  I didn't know him, but he sounds like he was very, very nice.  
I hope he can find Gertie and Hannah, and have some new friends there while he waits for his momma to come someday. 


  1. I'm sorry to hear about Coco.

    Your new babies are looking good Abby.

    We've got the fan's blowing full force in the barn for Jolie and Ziggy right now. They are the only ones that stay up during the day.

  2. Abby you are such a good momma...stay cool...it is only 60 degrees here today, dad said it is good fishing weather.
    stella rose

  3. Hi Abby
    Stella Rose has nominated you for my Share It Sunday guest post for the 2nd June. You don't have to do anything just pop over here http://mollythewally.blogspot.co.uk and leave me a comment with the blog post link you'd like me to host and I will do the rest. It will be hosted on the 2nd and you then get to pick the next nominee for the week after. You can view Share It Sunday by scrolling back or in archive. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly