Thursday, May 2, 2013

More Snow!

I stayed in almost all day today because it SNOWED again! 

We played with my stuffies for a while. 

I took a good nap on my pillow. 

Finally, Lilly and I went out into the wet pasture to do our business.  Man, it was cold and the snow was coming down, though you can't tell it. 

Then I went with momma to the henspa, and chased some chickens up on the roost, because it was time for them to go to bed!

Now I'm in the house with momma while the snow is still coming down, and I'm ready to watch some TV and be warm! 


  1. Abby
    your a very smart pug telling those chickens to go to bed,
    Even in the cold- you are outside-
    Where is your winter coat?

  2. You have such a fretful look on your face! You are too cute Abby.

    Hopefully that snow will move on out. Rain again today, 3rd day in a row. Temps are falling. Suppose to be unseasonably cold here in MS.

  3. We liked your "snake-free" pictures today Abby. We are also getting a rain snow mix, and one county away from us is getting up to 3 inches of snow...we cannot figure out what is going on here and apparently neither can our flowers that are showing their little heads...try to have a dry weekend.
    stella rose

  4. My goodness Abby, do you think this snow and cold is ever going to end! We are having nicer weather today. You are a great chicken trainer!
    Bailey, Hazel & Greta