Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thursday Comments

My momma has been lettin' our babies out into the pasture a lot, lately. 

They even got to do chores with her last night, and go in the henyards. 

I didn't get to, because she knows I'll chase these guys: 

And I would, too! 

Momma also said it's too muddy, and my belly would get muddy dragging in it. 

I keep trying to get my daddy to stay home every day with my momma, Lilly, Ranger and me.  
It's not working.  


  1. It doesn't work at our house either except on mondays and wednesdays then dad stays with us, i think you just just sneak out and run those duckies all around the muddy place then you have a good excuse to come swim in our hippo pool!!
    stella rose

  2. Abby how in the world does your Dad resist that look?

    I couldn't, I'd have to call in sick from work and stay with you.

  3. Abby LOL we can picture you running amok amongst the fowl. We are so there with you. How can daddy resist that look? Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Abby, maybe you should hide your dads shoes, so he cannot find them!