Saturday, July 6, 2013

Long Time No See

Okay, I'm kiddin' here. 
My little puggy paws cannot operate the camera, and I don't have thumbs to do the keys. 

My momma has been busy, and so have I. 

You see my puppies (kids) are gettin' BIG! They still get a little bit of milk, though, and my daddy is givin' it to them on the fourth. 

My brother Ranger and I checked 'em out good. 
They are fine! 

I'm stickin' with my momma, so I can go in the pasture with her. 

We've been doin' a lot of this, because it's been so hot.  Here I am with Dino, my favorite Stuffie. 

My furriend Benny is still Fighting Like a Frenchie against the Big C. 

Won't you go and help him here?


  1. Oh there you are Abby!
    I was getting a little worried.

  2. Stay cool Abby and have a serene Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Abby it maybe to hot for you to be outside today, maggie and gussie stopped peeing on my cold pack mom ordered me or i would send it to you. Maybe you should just come see me for a few days, and i will send maggie and gussie to your about that.
    stella rose

  4. Your daddy sure is having fun with those 2 new kids.