Monday, June 17, 2013

I'm Still Here!

I'm still here.  My daddy went with my grandpa on a fishin' trip, and my momma was here with her grandson and his friend last week, so they were very, very busy working at our farm. 

It was hot, so Lilly, Ranger and I stayed in, mostly. 

I did get to go out sometimes, but it was just so hot for little puggies. 

My babies are gettin' big... Kody always wants to go out in the pasture and play, and Kaycee is almost finished with his bottles. 

Somethin' sure smelled good in this corner.  Momma needs to cut the grass in the babie's yard, but it rained hard this morning. 

I know my sister Lilly is ALWAYS protectin' us... it makes us all feel better. 

But when it's hot out, I RULE the couch! 


  1. You really do look hot Abby. Stay in and keep cool!

  2. I need to send you the cooling mat cos all maggie does and gussie does is pee on it!!! I just lay my belly across the air conditioning vent to cool myself down. we don't get to go outside much when it is so hot either.
    stella rose

  3. Hi Abby
    I am sorry I have been missing some. I don't have too many excuses..
    Your yard looks so nice. It does not look hot, but I know it is.